Resources - Labyrinth

We have a large selection of resources at the Hub which are available for members to borrow, the images below are from Labyrinth. Click on the photograph to enlarge it.

Labyrinth - Abraham Labyrinth - The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes

Labyrinth - The Great Commission Labyrinth - Creation
The Great Commission Creation
Labyrinth - THe Passover Labyrinth - New Creation
The Passover New Creation
Labyrinth - The Nativity Labyrinth - Easter
The Nativity Easter
Labyrinth - The Flood Labyrinth - Holy Communion
The Flood Holy Communion
Labyrinth - THe 10 Commandments Labyrinth - Baptism
The 10 Commandments Baptism
Labyrinth - Joshua  

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